Shipping & Order Status

1. Transportation time:

The total time required from the customer to place an order to the customer to receive the goods =

Order processing time (about 48h) + shipping time

2. Shipping Price

Our website mainly provides wholesale, please purchase two or more. If you only buy a single piece, the freight will be expensive.

(Some remote areas may have additional shipping costs. If there are additional shipping costs, we will contact you in advance.)

Number of Items

Shipping A:

8-15 Business Days

Shipping B:

5-7 Business Days

One Piece $ 28 $38
2-5 items $15 per item $30 per item
6-10 items $12 per item $25 per item

11-20 items

$10 per item

$20 per item

21 and more



(In case of special circumstances, bad weather, or the peak period of express delivery, the transportation time may be delayed. Please try to place your order in advance.)

3. Currently we only ship to the United States, the following are the shipping charges. If you need to ship to other countries, please contact our customer service email. We will try to find other shipping methods for you.

4. Special attention:

Please fill in the correct customer information and delivery address during checkout so that we can contact you and deliver the package smoothly to you. Please do not fill in the PO BOX address. We cannot ship to PO BOX addresses.

5. Order status:

We generally process your order within 48 hours. Then we send your product. If you want to track the logistics information, please send your order number to our mailbox ( Your order number is in the email you received after you placed the order. We will provide you with a tracking number. According to the tracking number, you can track the order at any time at

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